Charlie’s Dream – An Inspirational Family Film

Charlie, an older out of touch dreamer, decides to pursue a career as a country singer, after he is misdiagnosed with a terminal illness, which makes him re- evaluate his values and beliefs, and through new found faith, decides it is never too late to chase your dreams.

NashvilleSynopsis: CHARLIE BLACK knew by fifth grade, he wanted to be a country singer more than anything, but as a senior in high school, his parents and Guidance Councilor, talked him out of it, putting an end to his childhood dreams. Twenty-five years later, he is a shell of a man, stuck in a job that is unfulfilling, and recently separated from his wife LINDA. He is forced to split his time with their children, JENNY (14) a punk rocker type, and BILLY (12) a “superstar” soccer player.

Charlie is handed the final blow when his doctor informs him he only has a few years left to live because of an illness. Thankfully, he was misdiagnosed, but doesn’t get the message, thanks to his impatient deletion of a message on his very dated 80’s answering machine. Now that Charlie thinks he is dying, he decides to do what he’s always wanted to… he heads to Nashville to become a country singer. He quickly finds out that the chances of him making it in the music business, especially at his age, are about the same as Kanye West and Taylor Swift doing a duet together, getting married and having children!

As Charlie contemplates his mortality, he becomes more spiritual and reconnects with his wife and kids, joining them in going to Church, which also inspires him to write more songs. Charlie volunteers to sing at a hospital for ill children, where he meets the courageous eight-year-old, MELISSA, a patient there, whose faith in God inspires Charlie. Melissa makes him sing her favorite song “Amazing Grace” every time he comes to visit. A strong bond forms between Charlie and Melissa and Charlie is taken by surprise when TOM BROWNING, the biggest producer in Nashville, shows up at the hospital to visit his daughter, Melissa, who coaxes her dad, to listen to Charlie’s CD. Tom goes against his “bitter” judgment and represents him. Charlie’s career is almost ruined before it begins, when he gets arrested at the Grand Ole Opry, after he gets into a scuffle with GARY, one of the most obnoxious interviewers on the planet, who suggests Charlie is using Melissa, or as he calls her “the little cripple girl” to get sympathy from the audience.

After this incident, and the bad press that follows, Tom drops him, and Charlie returns to his hometown. He’s uses this opportunity, and the little time he thinks he has left, to reconnect more with his kids and Linda. Before he can settle in, he finds out that a video of the brawl and his arrest has gone viral, causing. Charlie’s album sales and popularity to soar. He is then nominated for an award for best new male vocalist at the “Country Music Awards”. He finally has achieved his life long goal and now reconnected with his family, but just as his life seems to be going great, he finds out Melissa has taken a turn for the worse.

The night of the awards has arrived, and moments before he is awarded as Best New Male Vocalist, he gets the dreaded call that Melissa has passed away. In a bitter sweet moment, he wants to let the world know about what an incredible young lady she was, and honors her by singing “Amazing Grace” live on national television. Dolly Parton, (who presents the award to him), as well as the audience, are caught up in this moment all stand and join in song as a celebration of this life that has now touched thousands of others. We all need to strive for our dreams and act as if each day is our last, but to do it with an open heart with everyone we meet.

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