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Rick “Prada” reel

Rick Karatas full demo reel below:


Writer/producer of the film: Walk A Mile In My Pradas, (starring Tom Arnold, Dee Wallace, Mike Starr, Bruce Vilanch, Nathaniel Marston) was on Netflix for 2 years now on Amazon Prime

Writer:  Charlie’s Dream  –  feature film – L.O.I’s from John Schneider and Olympia Dukakis attached, Joely Fisher to direct

Writer of the Christmas music video/song Midnight Will Be Clear: Director’s choice Winner at the Sunnyside Up Film Festival. Selected at Long Island Film Expo 2020

Writer of the Christmas music video/song All I Want For Christmas Is Some Sleep

Writer of Christmas music video/song Midnight Will Be Clear

Author of the book: Rainbow Relatives. Released by Skyhorse Publishing May 2018

Author of the book How Catering Sucked The Life Right Out Of Me. Released November 2020

Writer short film: Road Test Valley Film Festival North Hollywood CA

Hired to adapt book Hey I’m Just A Kid into a screenplay

writer/producer of sketch comedy show Skits And Giggles

Writer for comedy show The Ground Floor (Steve Depena productions)

10 feat films, 3 pilots, written/completed

Height: 5′ 9″ – Weight: 170 – Hair: Black – Eyes: Brown

ACTOR Resume


The Emperors Club – Supporting – Michael Hoffman
Angel’s Baby – Supporting – Magdelena Sole
Joe The Lion – Lead – Jason Rogers
Stasis-Diametric – Supporting – Shannon Hayes
Robogirl – Lead – Steve Depena
Walk A Mile In My Pradas (Brian) – Lead – Steve Depena
Road Test – Lead – Steve Depena


Passions – U5 – Gary Tomlin
One Life To Live – U5 (3x) – Various Directors
Sat Night With Connie Chung – Co-Star
The Ground Floor – Series regular (sketch)- Steve Depena
The Sopranos – Featured – Mathew Penn
Skits and Giggles – Series regular (sketch) – Various Directors


Brambleberry Witches – Fred – Westbury Music Fair
The King And I – Lun Tha – Hartman Theatre N.Y.
They’re Playing Our Song – Vernon – Hartman Theatre
Fool For Love – Eddie – Red Room Theatre
Godspell – Lazarus – Newman Center N.Y.


List Upon Request


Improv- Harvey Lembeck comedy workshop with Michael & Helaine Lembeck
HB Studio: Scene study/technique with Jim Boerlin, Michael Beckett
Musical theatre with Elizabeth Hodes
SAG Conservatory:commercial classes, voiceover, cold scene readings
Voice Lessons with Dona Vaughn
S.U.N.Y. Plattsburgh (B.S. Marketing)


Swimming (competitive- all strokes), Aerobics, Bartending, Soccer, Bowling, Songwriting, Driving, Fake Sneezing, Neil Diamond impressions.