The following scripts were written by Sudi (Rick) Karatas. Looking to be produced or optioned:

Justice is Served

Written by Rick (Sudi) Karatas & Richard Kenney (Drama)

An abused woman, CHARLENE, gets revenge on her husband MITCH, a corrupt Police Officer who threatens to kill her if she ever leaves, by faking her own death and getting him put away for her murder. Sleeping with the Enemy meets Double Jeapardy with an original twist.

Secret Bread ( RISE)

Written by Rick(Sudi) Karatas and Val Tasso (Dramedy)

A young Italian-American girl in the 1970’s, struggles to keep her grandfather’s bakery open, and his dream alive after his sudden death.  The Irish/ Italian conflict with the neighbors, tough economic times, and her sick grandmother are some of the obstacles that stand in her way of business success and the Irish boy she loves .

The Auction:

Written by Sudi (Rick) Karatas


A heartbroken boy goes in search of his dog who was lost during a hurricane in New Orleans and accidentally auctioned off to a rich evil woman at a fundraiser to benefit hurricane victims.

Sinking Low

Written by Sudi (Rick) Karatas (Romantic Comedy)

An upbeat college senior, fakes depression to make $5000 in a medical research study to test a new pharmaceutical drug.  When his fiance finds out, she dumps him, and he really gets depressed.

My Big Gay Turkish/ Armenian Wedding Fiasco

A Turkish man and an Armenian man, both men approaching 30, still living at home, shock their parent s by announcing they are gay and get engaged despite their feuding families warning not to, due to a genocide that happened nearly 100 years ago.

The Condo ( T.V. Pilot)

Written by Rick (Sudi) Karatas

Rob, an irresponsible, immature man in his mid thirties, thrown out of his wealthy parents home will get cut off financially, if he screws up the job his dad got him managing a condo in Florida.  Bosom Buddies  meets Golden Girls.

Pretty In Debt

Written by Rick(Sudi)Karatas Comedy/drama)

Wealthy, spoiled, obnoxious, ungrateful, 17 year old Allison, is in for a rude awakening when her father loses his millions and the family has to move from their huge Estate into a small house on the poor side of town.   Maid to Order meetsOverboard

Hey I’m Just A Kid 

Based on the true story by Ron Bond (co -writer)


A true story about a good hearted nine year old boy growing up in the Bronx in the 1960’s with dysfunctional parents, loan sharks and drugs next door, and the events leading up to the terrifying night his family had to pack up and leave the neighborhood.

A Bronx Tale meets A Christmas Story meets Stand By Me with a little “Gump” on the side.


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RESCUE SANTA- Christmas Adventure


A few weeks before Christmas, Santa Claus is kidnapped! Five selfish eight-year olds will learn the true meaning of Christmas when they set out across the globe to rescue him.