Feature Film: Walk A Mile In My Pradas

Synopsis to film Rick Karatas wrote and produced:
See what happens when two weeks before macho, homophobic, Tony’s wedding, a magical Christmas Ornament causes Tony and his gay coworker to switch sexual orientations. Freaky Friday with a gay/straight twist. Read about behind the scenes stuff at my blog.

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Other videos

Videos of sketches that were written and shot by Rick (Sudi) Karatas are on Youtube. Channel – Sudirick
The cast includes: Tina Lynch, Larry Weissman, Felipe Pina, Frank Perry, Marie Todd, Sammy Sheik, Karla Guy, Rob Findlay, Marlyn Brett, and Rick (Sudi) Karatas and more

The following was written by Rick ( Sudi)Karatas and edited by Karla Guy and also stars Larry Weissman



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