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My Christmas music video will be in this festival Oct 3rd 3pm

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Link to LIIFE  2020   https://xerb.tv/channel/liife2020/virtual-events/629


How Catering Sucked The Life Right Out Of Me

Rick Karatas (a.k.a Sudi Karatas) born and bred in Long Island New York, now residing in southern California. He goes by two different names because Sudi is too common, and he is a Gemini (one name for each personality). Born June 9th, 19…. something. Call him Rick or Sudi, just don’t call him on his cell when his minutes are up.

He gets his “Italian/Latin” looks from his Turkish dad and American mom(some Irish, English and Welch mixed in). He has appeared on One Life To Live, Passions, The Ground Floor(as writer and actor) and his own show which he wrote and produced called, Skits and Giggles. He also appeared on a milk carton once as a child.

His passion is writing. He has written over a dozen screenplays and wrote a book called  Rainbow Relatives (Real World Stories and Advice On How To Talk To Kids About LGBTQ+ Families and Friends) out May 8th 2018.

He also writes songs. He likes writing anything except checks. Info on his projects and songs are on the site. Those looking to invest in film projects can contact Rick (Sudi) for more info.

His film “Walk A Mile In My Pradas“, stars: Tom Arnold, Nathanial Marston, Dee Wallace, Mike Starr and Bruce Vilanch, was released in 2011 and sold to Germany, Australia, France and the UK. It was broadcast on OUT T.V. in Canada, and was on Netflix streaming for two years.  It is now on Amazon Prime Free for members


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Next Feature film: Charlie’s Dream

His next feature film from his screenplay “Charlie’s Dream”, a family, inspirational film will star John Schneider (Dukes Of Hazzard, Smallville). Looking for investors.

Logline: Nashville doesn’t know what they are in for when Charlie, an older out of touch dreamer, decides to pursue a career as a country singer, when he is misdiagnosed with a terminal illness.

Charlie’s Dream is “a coming of (middle) age, sentimental dramedy”, with a soundtrack of original country, and inspirational and faith based songs. Same genre as Walk The Line, Crazy Heart and Coalminer’s Daughter.