Sudi (Rick) Karatas is a coordinator in Los Angeles for NSAI (Nashville Songwriter’s Association Inc) The following are demo’s of songs he’s written.

1)A Grain Of Salt  cowritten with Ardis Oelson (Sung by Sudi (Rick) Karatas

2)Christmas Is My Happy Place (Sung by Sudi (Rick) Karatas

3)WHITE SAND CHRISTMAS (Sung by Sudi (Rick) Karatas

4)WHAT YOU DON’T REMEMBER (sung by Sudi (Rick) Karatas

5)SANTA SLAYED IT (Sung by Sudi (Rick) Karatas)

6)DIE WITH A TAN (Sung by Sudi (Rick) Karatas

7) SKIP MONDAY (Sung by Ron Wallace)

8) WE’RE NOT ALL FAMOUS (Sung by Sudi (Rick) Karatas)

9)UNSUNG HEROES (sung by Paul Bogart)

10)THROWBACK THURSDAY (sung by Sudi (Rick) Karatas

11) GIVE UP MY ROOM FOR GRANDMA (sung by Sudi (Rick) Karatas

12)WHEN IT REALLY HITS HOME (FOR DAD)  sung by Sudi (Rick) Karatas

13)ALL KINDS OF LOVE ( co-written with Paul Rolnick, sung by Karen Mason,)

14)HALF A SHEET OF PAPER ( sung by Sudi ( Rick) Karatas)

15)SHE’S NOT AFRAID OF THUNDER ANYMORE(Sung by Sudi (Rick) Karatas)

16)THE SILVER LINING  (sung by Sudi ( Rick) Karatas

17)HEAVEN TO EARTH (Sung by Sudi (Rick) Karatas)

18) I’LL SEND YOU A FLOWER (Sung by Sudi (Rick) Karatas 

19)I SANG FOR DADDY ( Sung by Margaret McClure)

Midnight Will Be Clear video original version by Sudi ( Rick) Karatas

Midnight Will Be Clear by Adrian Christian 2020

Adrian Christian - Midnight Will Be Clear [Official HD Audio]

Three Songs Cowritten by Rick (Sudi) Karatas (Lyrics) and Patrick Basile ( Music)…are on Patrick Basile’s CD…

Patrick Basile

I’ll Follow You, The Road Ahead, and For My Valentine. Watch the music video below for “I’ll Follow You”

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The Road Ahead
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